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Free Membership

Veterans and Active Duty personnel can become a member at VETSports AO for free. 

Membership includes:

  1. Monthly newsletters 
  2. Opportunities to attend VETSports events, professional sporting events, and other promotional opportunities as available
  3. Access to to sign up for events and league play around the country
  4. Opportunities to volunteer to serve communities through our give back events and opportunities


VETSports recon Team

Are you currently active in your community and living a positive lifestyle through sports and physical fitness with fellow veterans? 

Then you can submit an application to be a Recon Team and wear VETSports custom jerseys to be a part of our growing veteran community. 

To qualify:

  1. You and your team/group must be members at
  2. You have to uphold VETSports values and mission statement
  3. You must maintain logo integrity and order official jerseys online through our merchandise page 
  4. Team/Group must be active at least twice a month
  5. All benefits that apply to regular membership
  6. To request to be an affiliate, contact    


VETSports Official Chapters are certified by the National Board of Directors based upon local growth of VETSports teams, strategic plan, and community support.

Qualified Chapters Receive:

  1. Full league and activities covered by VETSports 
  2. Full uniform and merchandise for team covered by VETSports
  3. Equipment for activities covered by VETSports
  4. Full administration support from VETSports 24x7
  5. Full fundraising support from VETSports
  6. All benefits included from being a member

Recon Team Request Form

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